Online Pai Gow strategies

Before we talk about Pai Gow strategies, we should find out some things about online Pai Gow poker. This type of poker has its origins in domino, an old game from China, a thing that not many people know. The Pai Gow poker today is played with a deck of 53 cards that includes a joker. The players must make two great poker hands with seven cards. This variation of poker is making significant changes in the world of online casinos.

Let’s see how exactly the game is played and then see some useful strategies and tips. Online Pai Gow is a game that can be played only by two people. A player plays against the banker. The roles can be changed. The joker can be used by a player as an Ace or in other cases to full a flush; a straight and d in other situations even a straight flush.

The rules of this game are rather simple, and after you catch the essence, you can apply these strategies. Most online Pai Gow players start the game by making an opening bet and then roll a dice to see who goes first, the player or the banker. The players receive their cards and the game begins.

To increase your chances of winning in a game of online Pai Gow you need to know that in this type of poker the house advantage is always 2.5%. When you decide to be the dealer the odds are even, so it is advisable to be the dealer as much as you can.

Always look for Pai Gow tables with a small number of players. You will have the chance to be the dealer more often.

Because in online Pai Gow poker the player has to make from seven cards two pairs, this can seem a little confusing in the beginning. Therefore we made a list of some basic tips. For instance if you don’t have pairs straight or flush play your hands like this: in your two card hand use the second high card and the third, and in the five card hand use the highest card in your hand. In case you have a pair but no flush, then use the two cards that are the highest in your two card hand and in your other hand always use the pair.

If you have two pairs and a straight, play your hand as two pairs and don’t mind the straight. If you have a flush and two pairs in your hand, play exactly like two pairs and straight. In case you are lucky and have a full house, always use the three of a kind in the five card hand and the pair in the other hand.

There are many things that can be added to these tips, but in order to understand them you must try to play this game. For example when you play online Pai Gow and the baker position can be rotated among the two players; it is a huge advantage, because the bank wins all the hands that have been copied.

To conclude, Online Pai Gow Is a great game for beginners due to it’s slow pace. A game can last pretty long so it’s not the case to make any hasty decisions, take your time. So, have a great time.


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