What It Does To Winners

Once a player wins a game, his confidence boosts up to 100 percent at the exact moment he knows that he won.

That high feeling, wide grin, and endless conversations with people who admire the winner makes himself all the more worthy of such attention.

But he truly deserved it, as he worked hard so much just to feel this moment that magically transforms him into something.. different.

The winner may decide not to play temporarily after this. It is quite an experience Columbus must have felt when he discovered land centuries ago.

This is also exactly what gambling does to its winners. As if he is on top of the world. No more lonely nights of thinking which bill should be paid first. No more dreaming of a trip to somewhere exotic for he has lots of money now to spend.

He smiles so brightly just thinking of ALL his plans that he thought would never happen but are now within his reach.

Of course, personal action plan follows. Thinking of what he was, and now, ready to conquer the world with his newly-found self-esteem.

"So this is what gambling does to people who are blessed," he thinks. And the experience will always serve as inspiration not only to himself, but to others, too.

An inspiration that will, direct him to go back to the path where he started and met victory. Just to give it one more try. He can, but this time he is much careful of using his money.

Right, he can use his less-than-a-hundred bill as a start to gambling business. At the gaming table. He will only start with fifty bucks, and work his way to success once more.

The winner will just keep the thousands he amassed. It's better that way, makes him feel all the more safe and secure.

He worked hard for it, and it is for the better of his future. And god knows he is damn right about his decision to bet just a few.

If he lost, he will not lose sleep over it. If he wins, then wonderful!

Keep another fifty bucks and so it goes, again. Then another win. What luck this winner must have. But he will shrug and tell you that it's not about luck at all.

You might even be given a friendly lecture about not believing in luck, but only with yourself. Believe with what you can do. He will also add that the human mind if far more powerful than an army to win a game, if you only let yourself think that it's the last game you're going to play.

And he's going to give you that winning smile again, to prove his point. His confidence to talk to you like that is proof enough how it changed him, and his life.

But that doesn't entirely mean he is going to hang on to gambling forever. No. Gambling is not at all invented that way, and experts know this -- the winner will point out.

He might make a career out of it, but on that he will give it a long, hard thought. Nothing bad in gambling, as long as you know its limits and beyond.


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